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Different Types Of Oxygen Stickers And Their Uses

Posted by Admin on October, 14, 2020

Oxygen stickers from oxygen stickers exporter, play an important and significant role in the medical industry. These stickers define a lot more than just the basic details of the cylinder fillings. These days Oxygen therapy has a lot of applications in the medical field, which in turn increases the usage of oxygen cylinders or tanks. Here, without relevant information attached to the tank itself, it becomes difficult for professionals to determine the status of the proper usability of the tanks.

This is the reason because of which, it becomes essential to gain knowledge about the oxygen stickers from oxygen stickers exporter from Pakistan, and the information they provide. Following are some relevant types of oxygen stickers which define different purposes based on different countries:

● Oxygen In Use Symbol Label ( Triangle) -
A fast, simple, and convenient way to alarm oxygen hazards or other safety issues for workers and visitors. Ideal for bent application or anywhere a conventional sign might be hard to mount — single peel and stick. Is available in regular white vinyl or glow-in-the-dark or reflective background material as an alternative. UV secure ink is typically suitable for use indoors and outdoors at temperatures between -40 F and +180 F.

● Oxygen Cylinders Storage Sign -
Its UV, chemical, abrasion, and humidity-resistant portrait-oriented OSHA safety tag. It comes with the option of 1 mm aluminium or 1 mm plastic with enamel-coated semi-rigid, or with a permanent adhesive on flexible vinyl label stock. Heavy-duty also, flexible magnetic support which adheres to ferrous metals. Sometimes these labels have their own sticky assistance. You just have to stick and peel.

● Oxygen No Smoking Sign -
This No Smoking message front-adhesive window label can easily be placed within glass doors or windows to make your “No Open Flame” point clear. The glue front labels are rendered by an easy to remove the backing band of permanently transparent adhesive-just peeling and sticking. It also involves the option of the substrate of learning vinyl labels with permanent glue or white vinyl mark, or the transparent window with no adhesive clinging. It is normally available for your applications in a range of sizes. These labels have UV-stable ink appropriate for indoor or outdoor use at -40 to +180 F temperatures. These window clings can be used on indoor glass, however, but for up to 3 months outdoors.

● Oxygen In Use Sign -
This sign with a text and a graphic symbol in vertical format makes the message for workers and tourists simple. The UV, chemical, abrasion, and moisture resistant portrait-organized safety label. The material is supplied with 1 mm aluminium Enamel coated substance, 1-mm PVC plastic semi-rigid, or with a permanent adhesive on a flexible vinyl tab. It also has a high-duty, versatile magnetic support that sticks to iron metals, except for stainless steel. These labels are self-adhesive and need only peel and adhere. The safe UV ink is printed and can be used indoors or outdoors at service temperatures ranging from -40 to +180 F.

Final Words:
Many people can not appreciate the need for special measures of security in oxygen cylinders. For example, a welder will have two side-by-side compressed gas cylinders, oxygen, and acetylene, but they must be treated and operated very uniquely. This makes these stickers from oxygen stickers exporter incredibly necessary for protection and goodness.

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